Welcome to our kennels!

We store everyone's food in locked cupboards, safely out of reach up off the floor. Each food bag is labeled with their name, how much they eat, how many times a day, and what kennel they will be staying in. Below are our feeding crates. Pups having lunch with us during daycare get to eat separately here.

At our facility we have 54 regular kennels. These kennels size out at a spacious 5' by 5'. We are able to board two dogs in a back kennel together comfortably. Each kennel has a blue cot provided for each dog. These cots allow the dogs to be elevated up off the floor, and away from any accidents. We also provide blankets for any one who may have forgot theirs at home. As a special service, we also offer "midnight kongs", a kong stuffed with peanut butter and treats, to help make each dog's stay even more enjoyable.

Our facility also offers 10 additional "suites". We find these 10' by 10' kennels are the perfect size for families of 3 dogs or more to come and slumber all together. These kennels are also great for older dogs or dogs recovering from surgery to have a break away from the hustle and bustle of the pack.