Pack Up!

Our hikes begin with a bus ride into the seclusion of nature. Our experienced hikers take between 6 and 14 dogs each hike. All our adventure tours are off leash, and allow your dog to roam in his most natural state, with a pack of his buddies

River Walk

Dogs are social animals, and stick together as a pack no matter where we explore: mountains, forests, lakes or rivers. Your pup is closely supervised during all of his exercise. The daily hikers enjoy all types of terrain, different each day.

Snow Days

Dog Logic, Inc. offers year-round hiking. During the winter months, we hike in temperatures above 20 degrees, and offer a variety of warm doggie apparel in our store, including hike boots, jackets, and fleece to help protect your best friend from the elements while allowing him to safely enjoy the outdoors.


During our off leash hikes, we play games with the pack including ball, fetch, and chase. Many dogs enjoy just exploring, but many also enjoy a rousing game of keep away or find the stick.

Half Day Hikes

We offer two hour hikes as well as half day excursions. The half day hikes are 4-5 hours long, and include transportation and a mid-day snack to help keep your dog's energy level up. We often go to several different hike locations during the half day. Your pup will come home happy and tired, longing to romp the next time he visits Dog Logic, Inc.


Many owners find that their dog becomes a better "citizen" after playing at daycare and hiking with us. Remember, a tired dog is happy dog, and happy dogs are good dogs. Think your best friend needs more exercise? Bring him in for a day of fun with his buddies, and an adventure tour will be the highlight of his canine day.

Safety First

Safety First

All of our hikers, as well as our daycare wranglers, are well versed in canine health and behavior. Each hiker is equiped with a doggie first aid kit and a source of water. Your dog will enjoy a safe as well as invigorating hike in the woods with Dog Logic.

Trail's End

There are few things your pup would rather do than go for a hike in the mountains. DogLogic, Inc. hikes Monday thru Friday, all seasons, to give your dog his taste of nature. Call now to schedule your friend for a two hour hike or a half day of fun.

Swim Team

Dogs with sore joints or muscles often enjoy swimming more than hiking and wrestling. We offer a variety of hikes during the week, be sure to ask about our water based hikes if your pup has special needs.

Adventure Tours

There is little in the world as rewarding as being in the beautiful mountains of Montana with a cheerful pack of dogs. Your dog will appreciate you for your effort. Send him to Dog Logic, Inc. today for an adventure tour!