What do you do with aggressive dogs?

All dogs must pass our temperament test. 98% of all dogs that apply are accepted. Our expert staff is skilled at integrating each dog into the pack dynamic. Should your dog not pass the temperament test, our professional trainer is always available for private sessions to help your dog progress and find a way into the pack at Dog Logic, Inc.

Do you have a lot of dog fights?

No. Dogs have a natural ability to sort out pack hierarchy through modified play behavior. Should dogs become aggressive with one another, our experienced doggie wranglers are always supervising play, and will separate the dogs immediately. Dog Logic, Inc. uses pack "language" and time outs to help work with problem pups, to make our pack a safe and healthy community for your dog.

Do you take Pit Bulls?

Yes. Dogs are NOT born aggressive; they are made to be aggressive. Regardless of breed, all dogs must pass our temperament test.

How often do the dogs go outside?

In the summer, dogs enjoy supervised pool time and games in our secure fenced outdoor play area. During the winter months, dogs are invited outside frequently. Dogs are always supervised during play, whether indoors or outdoors.

Do you take 'special needs' dogs?

Yes. Our compassionate counselors are well educated in canine health. We have cared for many dogs with special needs and are equipped to deal with any situation.

Where do the dogs sleep at night?

Dog Logic, Inc. has the coziest sleeping suites in town. We offer several sizes, from Basic (5 feet by 5 feet), to Villa (5 feet by 10 feet), to Penthouse Suites (10 feet by 10 feet or larger). Dogs are housed individually with a raised cot and a comfy blanket. Owners can bring bedding from home, and a stuffed toy if they wish. We offer a midnight kong service, a kong stuffed with peanut butter, to help with those first night slumber party jitters. The entire facility is monitored for fire and burglar detection 24/7.

What do you feed the dogs?

We feed only the food that you bring us. Dogs eat one at a time in their assigned suite. Should you forget food or you have a finicky pup, we offer a large variety of all natural foods to appeal to the most particular of palates.

What are the requirements for my dog to come and play?

All dogs must be current on Rabies, DHLPP, Kennel Cough, and Frontline. (Puppies must have had at least the 2nd round of puppy shots) All dogs need to be spayed or neutered if they are over 7 months old. All dogs must pass a temperament test prior to their first day.