Your Dog Will Love Dog Logic

Cageless Daycare & Boarding

Life is a journey and Dog Logic is the destination. Along that journey are momentous occasions and stages of being. We give dogs from all walks of life a chance at all stages of development. Dog daycare and no cages for Missoula, Montana. Here's how we do it:

Our digs are equipped with radiant sub-floor heating, 2 secure outside play areas, indoor tumbling mats, and tons of interactive toys. Our individual sleeping suites are the coziest in town, and the entire facility is protected by 24 hour burglar and fire monitoring. Let your guilt fade away with a wag of your dog's tail as he becomes a member of Missoula's original pack.

Toys, Games & Sports

We add days to their lives and life to their days. What do you want out of life? Baseball, hockey, football, skiing, basketball? Don't you want the same for your dog? All this and more can be found at Dog Logic. Fetch, tug-o-war, swimming, chase, soccer, and wrestling. One day here gives your dog hours of pack play and a true sense of belonging.

Unleash the Inner Dog

We don't just take perfect dogs, we make perfect dogs. Dog Logic, Inc. provides an empathetic environment to nurture dogs from all types of backgrounds. We build trust and confidence for anxious dogs and open pathways of communication for defiant dogs. Our positive pack atmosphere enhances the potential of every dog.

Peace of Mind

Whether your dog is just playing for the day or having an overnight stay, they will benefit from all we have to offer. Chasing tails and dreams since May of 2000, Dog Logic, Inc. staffs the most caring, energetic, and experienced "doggie wranglers" around. Your dog is a member of the family here and is attended to all day, 365 days per year.