Welcome to Dog Logic | Missoula, Montana

Welcome to our Dog Logic facility located in Missoula, Montana! We are located near the airport, at 6150 Training Drive. We have over 3,500 square feet of indoor pack space, and over 2 acres of peaceful outdoor room. Come check out our new digs, and sign up for our free daycare pick-up and drop-off service!

Running the Pack

DogLogic, Inc. is Missoula's first and finest canine social club. Chasing tails and dreams since May of 2000, DogLogic provides your pup with the exercise and social play he needs to become a healthy and happy member of your pack at home.

Doggie Gymnasium

Outdoor games are a must for any dog, and Dog Logic, Inc. is complete with a 3,500 square foot outdoor play yard. The yard is home to pools and tons of balls and toys. Whether it's enjoying water time, playing racket ball or chasing a soccer ball, your dog will find his second home at Dog Logic.
Our 4,000 square foot indoor facility houses 2 safe temperature controlled gymnasiums equipped with climbing ramps, tugging stations, interactive toys, and nap time cots. Each day, Dog Logic runs several different packs, each with its own activity level and specialized games, to help your pup unleash his inner dog.


Your pup can run with the pack while enjoying the scenery of Montana. Our experienced handlers hike a pack of dogs off leash, offering a three hour or half day excursion. We offer a variety of hiking locales, many including active swimming with flat trails for special needs dogs or puppies.


Dog Logic, Inc. offers a unique variety of dog supplies. Whether it's outdoor equipment, interactive toys, plush squeaky toys, or collars and leashes, you can bet that your pal will find what he needs in our retail store. Check out our weekly raffle, running from Sunday to Saturday each week. Win toys, accessories, daycare, and lots of surprises!

International Flair

As Missoula's leader in unique dog boutique items, we stock a variety of international collars and leashes. From here in America to as far away as Kenya and Amsterdam, you can find that beautiful collar to bring out the wild in your dog.

Happy Birthday

Each month, Dog Logic throws a birthday bash for all the pups turning another doggie year older, and all their pals are invited! There's doggie cake, goody bags, games, decorations, and TONS of fun! Parties are hosted on the third Saturday of each month.